The overall aim of this project is to deliver a development platform that integrates bespoke VR hardware and physically- and socially optimised gaming to deliver enhanced VR experiences. This will be developed for the area of rehabilitation through three use cases, and will demonstrate new standards of accessibility, control, feedback, and engagement for users.

To achieve this, the specific project objectives are to:
• Generate a VR environment for rehabilitation exercises that allows users to socialise, play and compare progress to aid motivation in rehabilitation.
• Develop new approaches for non-invasive, accurate anatomical and mobility data collection that retains user dignity.
• Use a variety of advanced methods to build a biomechanical profile of patient injury to develop bespoke VR controllers aligned with specialised rehabilitation approaches.
• Create new additive controller housing structures that blend external physical requirements with internal actuation properties.
• Use advanced Human-Centred Design techniques to generate and evaluate emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, and social requirements.
• Extend the principles of design for manufacture for additive structures to deliver practical and viable controller housings.
• Develop a detailed commercialisation and exploitation plan to take the VRHAB-IT platform to the market.
• Develop a detailed commercialisation and exploitation plan to take the VRHAB-IT platform to the market.
• Implement and test the proposed platform through three distinct case studies involving different participants.

The team at Flying Squirrel Games will be working mainly on Work Package 6 – the platform implementation. Flying Squirrel Games are also the leaders in subtask 6.4 – Game implementation.

For more info, kindly visit the project website here and follow our social media accounts on the links below.

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Our partners @UCLAspireCreate are supporting @SCI_study to understand issues faced by people with #SpinalCordInjury using a smartphone. #AssistiveTechnology

If your injury is at C8 and you use a smartphone find out more at

We are looking for a talented Unity Gameplay Programmer to join our growing team. Get in touch if you're interested or know anyone who might be!

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We have identified more amazing innovation from PRIME-VR2 so we’re looking at ways of spreading the patent filing budget to support more ! The Inlecom team will be helping the partners to identify and refine these exciting innovations for patent filing.
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