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Project Description

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Red Paper Clip Merge

Red Paperclip Merge is a merge game about the story of the guy who turned a ‘small piece of stationary into a great big adventure’. You heard that right! He traded his way from a Red Paperclip to a house in Kipling, Canada.

The adventure is based on the ‘Bigger and Better’ childhood game where you need to turn an ordinary everyday object into something more valuable by doing small trades with random people.

We will never ask you to meet random strangers 😉 Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow the master trader’s footsteps and merge your way from a Red Paperclip to a House. Easy right? Now let’s see if you can become a master trader in your own right by taking the right decisions and choosing the best deals. What would you have chosen differently?


Prestige multiple times

Discover and Collect over 44 items

Discover and Unlock over 40 achievements