Flying Squirrel Games is Malta’s leading independent video game studio.

Founded in February 2015, the team at Flying Squirrel Games specialises in Mobile Free to play and Premium video games and entertainment content. We are the developers of the popular Dirt Trackin & Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars mobile racing games. Both of these games continuously rank in the Top 10 charts on the Apple AppStore and Google Playstore, battling other major titles like Need for Speed™ Most Wanted by EA and F1 2016 by Codemasters.

Flying Squirrel Games is also working on interactive digital books, city builders, story-based games and experiences using AR, VR and MR technologies.


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Anthony Demanuele

Tech Director
Anthony built his very first game, a version of ‘Snake’ at the age of 12 when he got access to his first Windows 95′ computer.

He has been captivated by the joy of building things, especially games since then. Anthony is very product oriented and loves taking on a game idea and coming out with his vision for the game.

Anthony co-founded Flying Squirrel Games to get together a multi-disciplined team to build high quality digital games.

Marlon Vella

Designer Generalist
Marlon Vella has been a Game Designer from 2011. Games and art were always his passion from childhood, and his cross-disciplined studies in IT and Art & Design led him to pursue his career in Digital Games.

He is a cross-disciplined guy who can easily work with his co-workers from different backgrounds. Marlon is always eager to learn new things and open for ideas from his co-workers to integrate into his designs.

Dylan Abela

Senior Game Developer
Dylan is a game developer from a tiny, over the mountains village, called Mgarr. Always a hard worker and a joker among his peers, Dylan tries to achieve the best results in the time provided.

Believing in himself and in the power of teamwork, Dylan firmly believes that both micro projects and game jams are essential for personal growth, as such with help from a special person he co-founded Epic High, a micro game development team.

Matthew Azzopardi

It was the year 1989 when Matthew was first introduced to the Gameboy and the rest, as we know it, is history.

He now spends most of his days collecting, fixing and playing old video games, tinkering with game development, breaking software and other miscellaneous random day-to-day “stuff”. The rest is classified!

Jorge Alvarez

Art Lead
Jorge Alvarez is versatile artist with years of experience across video games, illustration (digital/editorial) and films.

Jorge is an avid creative designer who is capable of covering a diverse range of needs with competence and dedication and enjoys new challenges

Amedeo Giuditta

3D Artist
Amedeo was born in Milan and after his studies started travelling to feed his hunger of getting to know the world.

His passion for drawing started since he was just a young kid but interest grew more when he discovered 3D art. Amedeo’s interest in comics and photography supported him in creating unique 3D environments.

He’s been living and working in Malta for the past 3 years where he fell in love with the island, its people and the amazing Mediterranean Sea. He is proud to call Malta his second home.

Lynda Mc Donald

UI/Concept Artist
Lynda is an Irish graphic designer and illustrator. After studying UI design for video games during her bachelor’s degree she pursued freelance UI design work in the video game industry while also working full time in advertising. In 2017 she moved to Malta to seek a full time role in the gaming industry.

James Attard

M.Sc. Eng. by Research
James graduated as an electrical engineer in 2014 and after spent two years as an embedded designer. As an embedded engineer he worked on developing electronics and firmware for industrial remote crane systems.

Now he has decided to get back to the books and start a Masters of Science in engineering. His Masters consists of a research project to develop a speech recognition and analysis system.

This research is part of a wider project being done in collaboration with the University of Malta and Flying Squirrel Games.

Adrian Lopez

Junior Developer
Adrian Lopez is a 21-year-old from Galicia, Spain. He started studying computer programming which gave him the ability to solve problems on his own and fell in love with it.

Apart from programming, Adrian loves music and plays in two different bands as a bass player and singer with some professionally recorded songs in a studio.

If that’s not enough he also enjoy acting, which he discovered at a local theater school an attempt to overcome his shyness.

Ashley Potter

Junior Game Developer
From an early age, Ashley was always curious in how video games were created and after finishing secondary education started delving into software development.

Ashley holds a bachelor degree in Game Graphics and Visual Design and joined Flying Squirrel Games to improve and further his current skills.

He is open to implement different game concepts and experiment with various technologies. Ashley’s interests are TV series, anime, manga and of course video games.


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